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Our Vision

Scientific discovery fueled by data commons accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

Preserve environmental data for open and reproducible science, to promote synthesis across space and time, and to aid in the assessment of environmental change and its consequences.

A Proposed Enhancement to Data Package Provenance

June 28, 2022

Create more descriptive and machine-actionable provenance linkages between data packages by leveraging the EML schema's support for semantic annotations in conjunction with the currently used...

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Workshop at ESA2022: Explore and work with biodiversity data from LTER and NEON

June 13, 2022

Join EDI and NEON staff for a workshop at the ESA/CSEE 2022 meeting: Explore and work with harmonized continental-scale biodiversity data from the US LTER and NEON

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EDIutils is on CRAN

June 3, 2022

We are happy to announce the EDIutils R package (an API Client for the Environmental Data Initiative Repository) is now on CRAN. Install from your R Console with install.packages("EDIutils").

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New Resource for Information Managers: Adding Physical Metadata

June 3, 2022

Physical metadata such as file size, MD5 checksum, and number of rows in a table, are important pieces of information for verifying the integrity of files after uploads and downloads. When a...

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