Updates to User-contributed Journal Citation Interface on the EDI Data Portal

November 2, 2021

Susanne Grossman-Clarke


The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) has recently updated its user-contributed journal citation interface on its Data Portal to include more granular information regarding the type of citation being submitted. The addition of the Relation Type form field allows you to select the relationship between the data package and the journal manuscript where the data package is mentioned using one of three relationship types: “IsCitedBy” – this data package is formally cited in the manuscript, “IsDescribedBy” – this data package is explicitly described within the manuscript, or “IsReferencedBy” – this data package is implicitly described within the manuscript. This information is conveyed to DataCite through an update of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) metadata and provides greater exposure to the data package through DataCite’s event data and CrossRef, an official DOI registrar of the International DOI Foundation for academic journals. The EDI Data Portal allows any user with an EDI provisioned account to add a journal citation to any data package, regardless of data package ownership, thereby greatly increasing related information about the data package – a win-win for the entire community!