New version of Data Package Audit Report generator released

July 5, 2022

Mark Servilla


The EDI software development team has released a new version of the Data Package Audit Report generator that includes a function to download results as a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file. The downloaded file contains more detailed records than what is displayed in the website view. The CSV file download begins immediately instead of being delayed while the complete result set is generated on the server. This change helps prevent timeouts from the server if the result set is large and takes excessive time to create. Download times may still be on the order of minutes, but we are confident that the CSV file will be complete. However, one change to be aware of is that the set of audit records in the CSV file is no longer guaranteed to be ordered by date and time. This modification to the search query now ensures that the download stream will begin quickly - a key factor in keeping the download connection active and viable. On another note regarding the audit records, erroneous or misleading records that were generated by known web-crawler "robots" will no longer be included in the audit report display or download file. We will, however, continue to record such events until we decide whether all "robot" records should be removed from the EDI audit system.