DeX in production

July 6, 2022

Colin Smith


Our new data exploration tool called “DeX” for use with published data is in production now. It provides a text and graphical summary of each variable/column in a data table within a dataset, a data sub-setting tool, and simple graphing capabilities. To access the tool, go to “Find Data” and “EDI Dataset Search.” Once you have located a data package, hitting the “Explore Data” button next to each of the data tables will show you the profile/summary for that table. The menu on the top of the page provides access to the subset and plot functions. For more information see also "A Quick Overview of EDI’s Data Explorer (DeX)".

We hope you will find it to be useful and/or can provide feedback on how to make it even more useful. As always, the main page for a data package (the page with the Explore Data buttons), also has code generation for Matlab, Python, R, SAS, SPSS and the “Tidy” version of R for programs to analyze the data.