EDI Data Repository scheduled maintenance

August 9, 2022

Mark Servilla


The EDI Data Repository will undergo scheduled maintenance Wednesday, 17 August and Thursday, 18 August that will result in our systems being unavailable. The University of New Mexico Center for Advanced Research Computing, where our production infrastructure is managed, has deemed this maintenance critical and necessary to continue with uninterrupted service into the future. We will do our best to maintain access to data in a "read-only" state (no data package uploads, no data package evaluations, and no archive downloads during this period). We cannot guarantee seamless access to data until we are back on our production systems on Friday, 19 August. We plan to perform regular patching on Tuesday, 16 August evening and transition into a "read-only" state by Wednesday morning. If all goes as expected, EDI will be back to using our production infrastructure by Friday morning. We will keep you posted on updates and changes to this schedule as we learn more. We apologize for any inconvenience this event will cause.