EDI releases beta version of EMLvp

February 17, 2023

Mark Servilla


EDI is excited to release a beta version of EMLvp (EML validator and parser). EMLvp is a Python 3 library and command line application that validates and parses Ecological Metadata Language XML documents for compliance with the EML metadata standard, including XML schema validation and ensuring that references resolve to existing ids. EMLvp can be installed with "pip" directly from (pip install emlvp) or by referring to the GitHub repository (pip install git+ Once installed, EMLvp can be imported into another Python project or you can use the command line application to validate one or more EML documents. For example:

> emlvp edi.1252.1.xml
  Missing custom unit id(s): ['total abundance', 'logarithmic']

See emlvp --help for options. This release requires Python 3.10, but we do expect EMLvp to be backward compatible with earlier versions of Python in the near future. More details may be found on the EMLvp GitHub repository or at Read-the-Docs. EDI welcomes any feedback on EMLvp.