EDI is Now a CoreTrustSeal Certified Repository

June 15, 2023

Margaret O'Brien


EDI is pleased to announce that we have been certified as a Trustworthy Data Repository by the CoreTrustSeal Standards and Certification Board. Certified repositories offer active long-term preservation of digital objects (data and metadata) for a community of users. They comply with 16 'core' level requirements related to organizational infrastructure, digital object management, curation and reusability, technology, security and sustained access. Reliable, safeguarded data storage means that data producers can be assured that their data and associated materials will be stored according to well-grounded principles and can be reused. Data consumers can be assured that data will remain available for reuse. Certification provides funding bodies with an assessment mechanism and the confidence to recommend a repository to their researchers.

CoreTrustSeal is administered by the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and its Working Group model, and is aligned with the ISO model for Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS, ISO 14721:2012). It is a community based non-profit organization, and is domain agnostic, and applications for certification are reviewed by expert, independent volunteers. The CoreTrustSeal requirements are revised every three years, to meet the changing nature of information infrastructure and community expectations. With its focus on repository practices and sustained access, CoreTrustSeal is an enabler of FAIR data over long time periods.

See our CoreTrustSeal certification here.

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