Tracking Data Package Use

Metrics of activity surrounding a data package are commonly used when publicizing a data publication or reporting to funders.

EDI Package Tracker

The Package Tracker, a feature of the EDI Dashboard, is a convenient tool for viewing the resources and downloads of a given data package. For more information see the EDI Dashboard.

Audit Report

The Audit Report tool can be used to view a list of users that have interacted with PASTA using a specific Data Package Manager operation from the PASTA REST API.

Data package summary page

Each data package landing page provides activity information in multiple places. The Resources section has the number of views the metadata has received, and the number of downloads for each resource. The Provenance and Journal Citations sections, as well as the DataCite Badge at the bottom of the summary page, all provide information on where a data package has been used or cited.


Using the functions provided by the EDIutils R Package, it is possible to easily retrieve download and citation metrics for a data package. These processes have been detailed in Retrieve Download Metrics and Retrieve Citation Metrics vignettes that accompany the package.

For a language agnostic solution follow a similar process using the REST API documentation.